Kutch literally means something that intermittently becomes wet and dry; much of this district is known as Rann of Kutch, a shallow wetland that plunges into the rain during the rainy season and dries up during the other seasons. The same word is also used in the Sanskrit origin for a turtle. The rann is known for its marshy salt pans that become salt after the shallow waters dry up every season before the monsoon rains. The largest of the salt desert, the Rann of Kutch is a vast area famous for its particular geography, a rich flora and fauna, the vibrant colors of the people who live there, ancient buildings and temples in the Kutch area do not miss anything


A plethora of varied nuances, profusion of design, a superfluity of culture, a cornucopia of music and dance, all together in the arid lands of Kutch create a mosaic of exquisiteness that reflects the identity and spirit of the region. Kutch, one of the most ecologically and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the state, is a land that celebrates art, crafts, music, dance, people and nature. During the full moon night of winters in the midst of the majestic and contrasting landscape each year a three-day festive extravaganza overflowing with hospitality, vigor and traditional flavor of the area is hosted and known as Kutch or Rann Utsav. This three or four-day carnival organized in various locations within Kutch brings one around the natural grandeur and introduces the visitor to the indigenous ethnic and cultural flavor of the people. The semi-arid Banni grasslands host the most magnificent exhibition of vernacular architecture as an exhibition platform for the wide range of arts and crafts in the region. A series of folkloristic music and dance performances are organized in the glittering landscape and in the light of the moon offer the enchanting experience. The colorful fairs near the beach or on the shores of a lake fluctuate with the spirit of celebration, fervor while the tour organized around Kutch is an ideal opportunity to be part of the region and experience the zeal and uniqueness of people through a celebration of life.



The main vegetation of the region includes many species of herbs that are widely available as a food source for wild donkeys. The most famous wildlife in the region includes the Indian wild ass, as well as chinkara, desert fox, jackal, desert cat, caracal, nilgai, wolf, blackbuck and striped hyena. Kutch has bush-formed islands that create a habitat for flamingo and wild donkeys. The only place to see the dromedaries swimming and show you the area on their back. Possibility to do a long safari on horses to discover the art, history, culture, the people and the local nature. The area is also famous for the wild donkey park.


Kutch is the gujrat cultural district, music is influenced by Sufi music and folk songs. The kutch kitchen is a mixture of tribal nomad cuisine, Kathiawari cuisine and Gujrati cuisine that makes you taste all the tastes of the famous Indian sub continent cuisine. The area is very famous for the famous fabric embroidery, painting, jewelery, inlaid wooden furniture and other local Rebari crafts, nomads who raise camels and sheep. Here you will hear the melodies of the famous minstrels of the desert that with their songs lead you into a mystical and romantic atmosphere. There are various ethnic groups that have immigrated here from distant lands like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Visit the salt desert
Visit of the kutch museum in bhuj
Visit of the Vijay Vilas palace palace
Horse riding safari at Kutch classic rider camp
Visit of Narayan sarovar
Visit the archaeological site of Dholavira
Visit the villages of the Rebari nomads
Visit the villages of Dhordo and Hudka for local handicrafts


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How to reach this Kutch classic rider campse : 

Coming from Bhuj : Bhuj is the nearest airport,  Gorewali (80 km ) 

Coming from Ahmedabad: bhuj (320 km ) - Gorewali ( 80 km )