Although most of the planning and preparation is taken care of for you, there are still a few things you should know and some details you should take care of to ensure your comfort, safety and peace of mind. Please review the following travel tips for India before your departure to ensure that any surprises along the way will only be pleasant ones.

Passport is your most important travel document, check it well in advance if you are planning to take for India. A visit to India requires that your passport is valid for at least six months, before you are permitted entry. Make a note of the passport number, date and place of issue (or take a photocopy), and keep this separately, in a safe place. Check the passport expiry date, when you first start planning your trip. Leave a photocopy with a friend or relative at home or in your own email id. Take a second means of photo identification with you. Keep your passport in the hotel safe, and carry a photocopy with you. If your passport is lost or stolen overseas, report it to local police immediately, and get a statement about the loss.

Please note that visas for India are the responsibility of the individual traveler. The visa requirements for your trip vary depending on where you are from and where you are going. For the most up to date information please check your government’s foreign ministry website or with you travel agent as rules do change. It is important that you check for yourself. For most travelers there will probably have an embassy and consulate in the country that you live in. E visa facility is also started by India govt. so please check with your local authorities to get E VISA online.

Things can go wrong on holiday; luggage gets stolen, you may fall ill, or need to fly home in a hurry. Accidents, not just on the roads and expeditions, but wherever you find travelers. All these risks and more can be covered by taking out travel insurance. Put it at the top of your pre-departure checklist. Do not leave home without it. Make sure you are fully covered in case of health problems under your travel insurance. Travel my passion should not be held responsible for theft or loss of property (passport, money, baggage, other valuable). Looking after their possessions is a client’s own responsibility.

We are using good hotels for this trip and these can vary in terms of service, efficiency and cleanliness. All rooms in above hotels are base on category; we have requested all hotels to provide us maximum double bed room available in property and in case property not able to provide us all double bed rooms than they will provide us available room instead of that. All breakfast and meals which are included in your program will serve in hotel restaurant only in specific time as per hotel. Hotel Check in 14.00 and Checkout time is 12.00 PM

Upon arrival, please complete immigration formalities if necessary and claim your luggage, you will be met after collecting your luggage or passing through customs by the local representative or your English guide at arrival lounge at airport who will be holding a Travel my passion with your name sign at airports. In some instances you will be instructed to walk a short distance to a transportation counter.

Once you land in India   +91  – 9784002880 (whats app)

Call 24 hours : 8003658295 – 9784002880
Any question u may like ask – [email protected]
Police - 100
Fire brigade -  101
Ambulance or Accident  - 108

Laundry facilities are offered by most of our hotels for a charge. If you give us hotel in morning you may get it back by same evening.

You accompanied by Tour leader and Tour escort with aim of to hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best tour possible. They will provide information on the places you are travelling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the countries visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious and social aspects.

Traveling by road is certainly not what people use to in Western countries. Rules are not always followed. The horn however is used very frequently and can range from the latest Bollywood tune to Britney Spears! Although the government is investing large sums of money improving the road infrastructure, there is a lot more to be done. We use best transport / cab as per your trip requested  so you can seat comfortably however we request all our travelers to change their seats on regular basis while board so each and every member of our group can get best possible view while driving. Giving smile and greet to driver and helper on regular intervals make them comfortable and motivate them for good services.

all local flights are included in the cost of your tour unless otherwise noted.  Internal flight tickets are issued locally and will be given to you prior to the flight departure or it will carry by your tour leader or tour manager so you no need to worry about that. Flights are in India running on right time but it can be delay due to weather conditions all our guest are traveling in economy class. Meals can be buy on board, Please Note: Only 1 piece of luggage that weighs up to 15kgs ( air India 25 kg ) will be permitted on our internal flights in India. For any extra weight the airline may charge an additional fee at the time of check-in

before leaving for India, it would be advisable to consult qualified medical professional regarding appropriate precautionary measures. In particular, the following common health issues should be addressed.

All the places you are traveling on this itinerary are safe and these are most common tourist places to visit in India however there are few people can be find every corner on this world who might take advantages of you where you are a tourist. Ask your Tour leader or local guide  if you have any question regarding safety points at any destination you are however below are the few points can be very handy on your TMP Trip.

A. Keep wallets safely tucked into front trouser pockets and/or wear a money pouch inside your clothing
B. Avoid walking alone in dark side of town or middle of night.
C. Carry handbags close to your body, shoulder bags the cross-body method with the bag in front of your body while walking on busy streets
D. Do not leave valuables lying loose in your room. Use the hotel safe. Keep copies of your passports, credit card numbers and travelers checks numbers in the hotel safe
E. Don't put all your valuables (money, credit cards, passports, etc.) in the same place (in case one wallet is stolen, you should have other valuables and identification in another safe place)
F. Carry modest amounts of cash (Euro) in small denominations so that you can avoid flashing large bills when paying for small items;

The National currency of India is the Indian rupees however American dollars and European Euros can easily be exchanged at major tourist destinations. Carrying your money need not be a headache. A mixture of cash, debit cards, and depending on your destination, traveler cheques, is best. You will be able to use a debit in most cities combined with Internet banking.

Do not go straight into hot curry, first few days start with mild curries. Avoid eating food on the street however few street food are really famous in India so check with tour guide. Avoid eating raw vegetables and salads. Always peel your fruit. Drink only bottle water, famous brand like Kinley product of Coca cola, Auqafina product of Pepsi, Bisleri or Kingfisher.  Smoking and drinking alcohols in public area is prohibited.

Tipping is accepted as a culture in hospitality industry in India, this may depend on style and length of services someone is rendering you, ask your tour leader for recommending you the amount to be tipped during the course of your trip.

Taking pictures of India’s day to day life is possible in most places, however we request you to respect the will of people and not photograph them if they do not wish to, and if they obviously do not like it. We advise you to ask people as often as possible to avoid any uncomfortable situation. Taking time to get to know the person before asking for a picture is most of the time the best way to make a nice picture with a great story that goes along. To know more about photography and Travel my passion special photography tours, please do contact us. Please not Photography is strictly prohibited in and around airport, military areas.

you may wish to carry a cell phone while traveling. Check with your cell phone provider if your phone will work in the destination(s) you are visiting. Carrying your own connection to India may incur high international roaming fees but if you are holding a GSM phone you can buy a local SIM card for lower fees and top up (recharge) of that according to your need which able you access the Internet as you travel, you can take advantage of email or a Skype Internet telephone. Most of the hotels we are staying have facility to call international but It is best to check with the hotel's reception desk prior to making phone calls to avoid unexpected charges.


Please check weather reports before you visit India , pack your clothes accordingly.

You will encounter few beggars who congregate around temples and mosque, It may seem distressing but in India they form an integral part of the alms giving process which has its roots in religious practice. Those beggars who are around famous monuments sights or hotels as they know they can easily get money out of you. We advice should not give money to beggars especially to children, If you wish to contribute to the alleviation, so that we can direct you to registered charity.

You have to keep in mind that most of the countries you will visit do not have the same standards of living, nor the same traditions as yours. A trip to India is always, for the western people a great experience, beyond expectations. In order to avoid unnecessary attention dragged on you, please respect the local traditions and customs of India, especially in holy places.

The basis ecological rules you have in your country are of course also to be followed in India while traveling. We advise to take your battery or any other dangerous waste back to your country as most of them will not be properly recycled or destroyed here. Natural areas you will visit have to remain clean after you departure in order to minimize the negative impact it can have on the environment’s fragile equilibrium. Pure water is a luxury in India, please respect other by making a moderate use of it. In the remote areas or in natural surroundings you will have to use neutral soap, without negative effect on nature around you, while visiting natural reserve or any natural grounds please make sure that you are not generating too much noise and keep in mind that you are entering a territory that belongs to animal kingdom of which silence is the golden rule and key to the best wildlife observations.

Observe and respect local dress code. Avoid sleeveless tops, shorts, miniskirts and any other skimpy, see through or tight fitting clothing. Do not wear expensive looking jewelry as it can make them a target for muggers. Arrive in towns before darkness and avoid walking alone at night, especially in isolated areas.

what you need to bring, we suggest that you pack as lightly as possible.

Passport (with Xerox photocopies)
-Travel insurance (with photocopies)
-International Airline tickets (with photocopies)
-Debit or credit card (see personal spending money)
-Cash in dollars / Euros
- Required travel visas
-Day pack for daily personal items
-Wet wipes
-Sunblock/Sun hat
-Clothes that cover knees and shoulders (long pants/sarong)
-Insect Repellent
-Ear plugs
-Small towel
-Money belt
-Sturdy walking shoes/Sport sandals
-Rehydration powder
-Long pants/ shorts

At Travel my passion, we always try to give our best efforts towards every tour we run in India, no matter its two people or twenty people. We are trying to take our services to next level and make it error free. Although we are tour operator here in India who works with suppliers (like airlines, cruise, transport, hotels or railways), we would try to solve any hassles rise during your tour in best possible way but we would be not responsible for issues which directly connected with suppliers like delay or cancel in flight, meals served on airlines or in hotels or any natural disaster occur during tour like road blocked due to any agitation, Earthquake or too much rain on which we do not have control. With the ending note we will do our best to make this tour unforgettable for each passenger who are coming.

I have read understand and agree to the terms specified above by Travel my passion for this travel land policy, I also certify that I have provided a copy of the terms & conditions page. Please do write us any time if any error in above dossier.